Gone too soon, tribute to Michael Jackson

Once upon a time there was a star who “Wanna be starting something”, and certainly did.
A new phenomena was about to hit the globe.
After learning “ABC”, he “Never can say goodbye
to music and so he grew up “Off the Wall” to become a “Thriller”.

Some asked you to "Beat it" but some more thanked
god you didn't. Many times he begged "Leave me alone" but the pledge was not due for long.
A few claimed he was a fool, but either "Black or White", he was good. I guess he tried to keep  everything "In the closet", but sadly he became a "Man in the mirror" in the set.

In love he was with a "Billie Jean", a "Dirty Diana" and a "Liberian Girl" but as a "Smooth Criminal" he was unfortunate with girls. You tried to “Heal the world”, and a beautiful “Earth Song” surely helped. Your death makes me wanna "Scream" but thanks to your music, your soul still lives. Thank you for "The way you make feel”, I will always "Remember the time" when you lived.

You were meant to be "Gone too soon" you and your WALK IN THE MOON